5 main beneficial properties of hemp oil

Quality hemp oil is made from special technical varieties of hemp, which does not have a psychoactive effect, by cold pressing. This technology retains all the useful properties of the product. The oil has a light greenish tinge and exquisite taste.
On the beneficial properties of hemp oil can talk for a long time. Specialists of the production company ORGANIC FACTORY draw your attention to the 5 main ones.
1. The content of fatty polyunsaturated acids Omega-6 and Omega-3, and in the most useful ratio for assimilation. These acids are necessary for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system, as well as obesity. Polyunsaturated fats reduce harmful cholesterol, cleanse the blood and blood vessels. Oil has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle.
2. The use of hemp oil is of great importance for people who regularly play sports, as its use allows normalizing metabolic processes, preventing the development of varicose veins, and dilating of veins due to increased stress on them.
3. Hemp oil moisturizes the skin well and at the same time does not clog pores. It has the highest penetrating ability, therefore it is ideal for massage, as a basis for compresses and rubbing.
4. The oil has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Useful alpha-linoleic acid, which is contained in this product, activates the processes of calcium absorption, which strengthens the bones. Hemp oil is also advised to use in the treatment of prevention of osteochondrosis, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis.
5. The digestive system. The constant use of oil in food has a beneficial effect on digestion in general. It is characterized by a mild sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. It is shown the use of this useful plant product also for colitis, enteritis, gastritis. In addition, hemp oil has a slight laxative effect, it should be included in the diet of those who are prone to constipation.
Contraindications to the use of hemp oil: only individual intolerance.
Here it is, hemp oil. Use on health. Well, we offer these products of the highest quality. The use of European technologies by ORGANIC FACTORY in the processing of cannabis seed guarantees compliance with international standards.
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