How to cook a delicious salad with hemp oil

Hemp oil is an excellent alternative to olive and butter oil. It has a rich composition of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This tasty and healthy oil gives a delicate spicy taste when filling salads.
Specialists of the company ORGANIC FEKTORY, which is a manufacturer of high-quality hemp oil, will gladly share a cool, simple recipe for a delicious salad with hemp oil.

Organic Plus salad, recipe ingredients:
Tomatoes – 300 gr.
Onion – 70 gr.
Cucumbers – 300 gr.
Bulgarian pepper (yellow and red) – 300 gr.
Mozzarella cheese – 300 gr.
Hemp oil – 6 tbsp.
Salt (to taste) – 2 gr.

How to cook “Organic Plus”
1. Pepper and tomatoes cut into cubes.
2. Cucumbers cut into slices.
3. Onion cut into thin circles.
4. Mix all the vegetables in a salad bowl.
5. Cut mozzarella cheese into strips and add to salad.
6. Salad dress with hemp oil, salt to taste.
Enjoy your meal)

Well, we offer the highest quality hemp oil. The use of European technologies by ORGANIC FACTORY in the processing of hemp seed guarantees compliance with international standards.
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