December 10, 2018


The organic company ORGANIC FARMING is a producer of organic products. The main office of the company ORGANIC FARMING is located in the Koretsky district of the Rivne region. The main activity is organic production, storage and sale of bast, grain, oilseeds and legumes.

The company’s land bank is 3000 hectares of arable land. Lands of the company are accredited and investigated by the International Organization of Organic Standards, the certification standards of which are determined in Western Europe and North America. Organic standards are the basis of the entire organic sector. They define agro-industrial methods favorable to the environment, aimed at productivity, profitability and environmental protection. The land on which organic products are grown has undergone a transition period set by standards, during which the use of fertilizers and pesticides is restricted.

A large part of the agricultural land ORGANIC FARMING is used to grow organic technical cannabis. The company successfully resolves issues of the latest selection of technical hemp, modern seed production and organic cultivation technologies. The resulting products are certified in accordance with international standards and successfully exported to European Union countries.

In the nearest plans of the enterprise, an increase in the land bank, the construction of a modern powerful elevator, the creation and promotion of its own trademarks of organic production, the modernization of production and the renewal of agricultural machinery in accordance with the requirements of the time.